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Curriculum Resources

The Inter-Lakes School District Design Principles

In order to evolve from a vision for learning to a reality for all learners, the Inter-Lakes School District has adopted design principles for learning, assessing learner progress, and using grades to report learner progress. To take a deeper dive into our district's design principles, click on the link below:

Inter-Lakes School District Growth & Proficiency Goals for the 2023-24 School Year

Each school year the district creates goals and focus areas as a way to align resources within each of our schools. The following resources have been created to provide a detailed overview of our current goals, our recent progress, and the actions we are taking to support continuous growth. 

The last two pages of the presentation slides include definitions of key terminology used throughout both presentations. It may be helpful to preview those terms before exploring. The demographic graphs used in the presentations are interactive and available on our State Education Department website, at the iPlatform, should you wish to explore them further.

Grading & Reporting

This informational video below explains how our design principles are being implemented with our learners as they transition through the middle-high school. These practices will expand to grade 10 during the 2021-22 school year.

The Inter-Lakes School District Curriculum

Our district curriculum framework is competency-based; competency statements are global learning statements that encompass a number of standards. Our framework is comprised of academic and personal competencies.

Personal Competencies

Personal Competencies are essential skills, habits, and strategies learners need to actively engage and thrive in the learning cycle; these competencies support a successful educational experience. Personal Competencies promote success as well as facilitate learning.

Academic Competencies

Academic Competencies serve as measurement criteria for assessing student success. Competencies are further defined by standards or learning goals related to the competency. Each content discipline has created a competency framework to guide all instructional planning, assessment, and grading.

 English Language Arts
         World Language                        Business                 
Family & Consumer Science                  Health                      
                  K-6 Arts                     

        Mathematics       Physical Education
       Social Studies     
    7-12 STEAM Team