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Email: All ILSD staff email addresses end in

Phone: Call 279-5312 for our "direct to voicemail" service. Extensions are listed below.

Web: Hyperlinked names will take you to the web page for that staff member


Name Email Extension
Scott Currier, Principal scott.currier 2500
Mark Parsons, Asst. Principal, 10-12 mark.parsons 2500
Michelle Robinson, Asst. Principal, 7-9 michelle.robinson 2500
Brenda Vance, Administrative Assistant brenda.vance 2505
Jodi Pendexter, Nurse jodi.pendexter 2510


Name Email Extension
Holly Vieten, Guidance Director holly.vieten 2521
Stacey Gagnon, Guidance Counselor stacey.gagnon 2523
Nick Connell, Guidance Counselor nick.connell 2525
Lisa Ransom, Drug & Alcohol Counselor lisa.ransom 2522
Alicia White, Registrar alicia.white 2520

Grade 7 Team

7th Grade Team Site

Name Email Extension
Rachel Bartlett, Science rachel.bartlett 2105
Susan Long, Mathematics susan.long 2103
Melissa Manville, English melissa.manville 2102
Juli Hird, Social Studies juli.hird 2104
Kim Seitzinger, Student Services kimberly.seitzinger 2580

Grade 8 Team

Name Email Extension
Catharine Campbell, Math catharine.campbell 2101
Wendy Taylor, Social Studies wendy.taylor 2202
Melissa LaPan, English melissa.lapan 2201
Steve Roberts, Science steve.roberts 2106
Caroline Raymond, Student Services caroline.raymond 2583

Freshman Academy Team

Name Email Extension
Laura Brusseau, Social Studies laura.brusseau 2206
Lora Carney, Mathematics lora.carney 2211
Colleen Forkell, English colleen.forkell 2205
Jonathon Snyder, Science jonathon.snyder 2212

Business/Computer Science

Name Email Extension
Billie Jo Sweeney billiejo.sweeney 2110


English Team Site

Name Email Extension
Lori Donahue lori.donahue 2217
Colleen Forkell colleen.forkell 2205
Tim Hayman tim.hayman 2215
Mary Nyhan mary.nyhan 2216


Name Email Extension
Lora Carney lora.carney 2211
Jeff Langevin jeff.langevin 2107
Joanne Lau joanne.lau 2610
Sarah Locke sarah.locke 2210
Becky Zumbach becky.zumbach 2209


Name Email Extension
Chelsea Divers chelsea.divers 2214
Kristine McGurkin kristine.mcgurkin 2207
Jonathon Snyder jonathon.snyder 2212

Social Studies

Name Email Extension
Laura Brusseau laura.brusseau 2206
Jessica Ferren jessica.ferren 2117
Joshua McLeod joshua.mcleod 2116


Name Email Extension
Kate Criscone kate.criscone 2611
Joe Derrick joe.derrick 2040
Joanne Lau joanne.lau 2610
Patrick Quinn patrick.quinn 2030
Matt Towle matt.towle 2020

World Languages

Name Email Extension
Daiza Gatherum daiza.gatherum 2223
Meg Bedford meg.bedford 2222
Jocelyn Judge jocelyn.judge 2221


Name Email Extension
Jan Borsh, Reading Specialist janice.borsh 2200
Heather Clogston, Consumer Sciences heather.clogston 2219
Sara Dumais, PE sara.dumais 2570
Emily Eynon, Music emily.eynon 2119
Liz Savage, PE elizabeth.savage 2139

Student Services

Name Email Extension
Jaclyn Clark, Life Skills jaclyn.clark 2511
Michelle Custance, Special Education michelle.custance 2582
Joshua Hill, Special Education joshua.hill 2581
Katie Kovas, Special Education katie.kovas 2584

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