Mrs. Hoag - Upper Multiage

hoagReading: We have recently finished our first round of literature circles and are working on a few activities to reflect on and connect with the books that we read. Students were given a choice of four culminating activities and are working hard to have their products ready to share during conferences next week. They have also spent time each week reading and discussing the articles in the ‘Time for Kids’ magazine. Their comments and reflections regarding the articles have been quite insightful. Once we are finished with the magazines, students will bring them home to share with their families.
Writing: Students have been working hard on their narrative writing pieces.

 They are all at different parts of the writing process.  Some students are working on their first drafts, others have moved onto peer sharing and editing, and a few have begun typing their final drafts.  They have all been exposed to our editing checklist and the rubric they will be assessed with on their final drafts.
Math: Rookie math: We are continuing to work our way through Unit 2. Unit 2’s focus is multiplication and geometry.  We have had lessons on factors and products, multiples, and prime and composite numbers this week.  Mastering multiplication and division facts through 20 is essential in 4th grade, as we will be exploring larger multiplication and division problems as the year goes on.  It is very typical for students to set a goal around mastering these facts during their conference next week.
Science: Our first critters from our Environments kit have finally arrived!  All science groups got to explore their mealworms this week.  They will be observing the life cycle of mealworms and recording their observations over the next 6-8 weeks.  Each student has set up his/her science notebook, and we have gone over the routines and procedures of the scientific process.  Just wait to see what type of critter heads our way next.
Social Studies: The Upper Multiage students have recently started to research the regions of New Hampshire and will be creating ‘greenscreen’ projects as advertisements of the various regions. Students are working in small groups to research and write scripts. Their ‘advertisements’ will include information on notable people, interesting landmarks, recreational spots and other areas of interest. Stay tuned for the final projects!
Genius Hour: We just completed our 3rd session of Genius Hour this afternoon, and lots of personalized projects are underway!  Students in both Upper Multiage and Grade 6 are working with their coach, either Mrs. Read, Mr. Chapman, or Mrs. Hoag.  They have a weekly reflection log which focuses on all of our personal competencies, and there will be a reflection writing piece that will happen at the end of this Genius Hour session.  This session of Genius Hour will end around Thanksgiving, and we will be doing more sessions as the year goes on.  Thanks for all the support from home with these projects, it’s pretty awesome to see the interest level increase as students dig deeper into their projects.
Mindfulness with Mrs. Pope:  We have 2 more Mindfulness sessions with Mrs. Pope.  She has worked with us on mindful moments,  mindful listening, and celebrating our mindfulness successes both in the classroom and at home.  She has also done an excellent job explaining to the kids how their brains work, and that they have the power of creating new neuro pathways to support their learning.  We will continue our mindfulness work during our morning meetings throughout the year.

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