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Middle Multiage students have invested a great deal of time and energy into community building activities during the first weeks of school. They have also worked on creating classroom rules and setting personal goals. Students thoroughly enjoyed creating their personal collages for their portfolio covers. They are working hard to compile evidence of their learning for the Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 19th. 

ELA: Students have been reading a variety of books 'at their level' both independently and in small groups. They have been involved with several short writing activities while describing themselves and their hopes and dreams for the year.  Mrs. Read's homeroom has just finished listening and responding to the novel The One and Only Ivan, while Ms.Busnach's class enjoyed The Tale of Despereaux.     

Math: Veterans have worked diligently to review much of what they learned in second grade and have already added some new skills to their repertoire. They spend time each day working to become automatic with their basic addition and subtraction. facts as they prepare for the introduction to multiplication and division. Telling time to the minute, rounding off numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, and interpreting graphs are some of the topics worked on over the past few weeks.    

The Rookies have just finished unit one! They have been working hard to review doubles facts, compliments of ten, basic coin amounts, and number sense using hundreds charts and number lines.  We worked together to create a 1,000's chart and have learned some new games such as "Fishing for Ten" and "Place Value Top It."  The Rookies are looking forward to what unit two will bring next week!

Science: “Motion and Matter' is the first science kit that the Middle Multi-age students are exploring. They have completed three different investigations while working to answer the focus question, 'What happens when magnets interact with paper clips and other magnets?' The students have become comfortable discussing and explaining several new terms including, repel, attract, magnetic field, force and gravity. 


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