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Math: Middle Multiage Veterans are working to become multiplication wizards! It is amazing to see how comfortable they already are multiplying with factors of 1, 2, 5, and 10. As they work their way through Unit 2 of Everyday Math, they are also learning to divide numbers and work with remainders. They have been using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as they persevere through challenging multi-step word problems.  

Ms. Busnach’s Rookies have just finished Unit 2. They are beginning Unit 3 which will involve using fact triangles to make addition and subtraction fact families.  We continue to work on automaticity with doubles facts, compliments of ten, and near doubles facts. Students are also using double ten frames to practice the making ten strategy when adding.  We will continue to focus on using writing to explain how a solution has been reached. This is a challenging skill, but one that we are persevering through and building upon!

Science:  Middle Multiage scientists spent time this week investigating wheel and axle systems. Their goal was to create and work with these systems on cardboard ramps while attempting to answer the focus question:  How can we change the motion of wheels rolling down ramps? Students designed a wide variety of systems to demonstrate how this could be achieved.

ELA: Middle Multiage students working with Mrs. Read have been reading and reflecting on many great books. Some of the books that we've enjoyed over the past few weeks include Freckle Juice, Keep Up Your Courage Sarah Noble, and Penny and Her Song. Students also spent time writing reflections of our beautiful hike up Mt. Katherine and preparing their portfolios for the Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Ms. Busnach’s reading groups have been reading books such as Horrible Harry at Halloween, Mayflower Treasure Hunt, and Strega Nona stories.  Students have been demonstrating their comprehension through thoughtful reading responses.  Students have also been working on parts of speech by sorting and identifying nouns and verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Ms. Busnach’s homeroom friends have also been working on their first narrative piece.  They are writing incredibly creative and detailed stories about finding a magical hat that transports their character to another place or time!

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