petittiThe students were so excited to share their portfolio with such supportive, engaged, encouraging parents.  Thank you for celebrating the growth your child made and being a part of their goal setting.
Reading, Writing, and Science:  During Writing Workshop the students brainstormed all their favorite locations in Sandwich.  Each student selected their favorite place.  They have been working on an opinion writing web to organize their thoughts. Students will turn this web into an opinion writing piece. Each student has been learning how to use "Book Creator" on the I-Pads with the P.S.U. students that are a part of class on Friday mornings.

  They will use this program to share the opinion writing they are currently working on.  We have also been working on grammar. During Writing Workshop we have worked on verbs. We just started a mini unit on contractions: can't, didn't, etc.  Afternoon friends are practicing a new set of spelling words: by, words, but, not, sick, kick, brick, stick. Students are working in flexible reading groups to continue to support their interest and academic needs.
Ms. Spiro, our school guidance counselor, has visited our class during the last two Mondays. She is sharing a six week lesson on “Caring About Ourselves and Others".
Mrs. Read’s Primary scientists continue to be involved with some investigations and journal activities to answer a variety of interesting focus questions. Students are learning about various ways that new plants can grow. They planted grass seeds in a cup and monitored its growth in their science journals. They 'mowed their lawns' by cutting their grass with scissors and then they observed that it quickly grew back. Students planted wheat seeds in straws, with paper towel 'wicks' on the end and were amazed to see how quickly the wheat plants grew in the straws. The focus question this week was, how can we make new plants from old ones? Primary scientists are working to answer this question by placing houseplant cuttings in water and patiently waiting to observe what will happen

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