Mrs. Petitti & Mrs. Read - Primary Multiage

petittiAll students have been setting personal learning goals.  They thought of a long term goal, Hope/Dream. These individual goals are in the hallway with their scuba divers in a display entitled "Diving into our Hopes and Dreams."  It is always fun to take these down at the end of the year and have the children read their goal to the class.  They are surprised when they realize they met a goal that seemed so big at the beginning of the year. We have been talking about the five Personal Competencies and the one they feel they could be working on.  Each student has also been sharing with me their short term goal "Two Stars and a Wish" for their portfolios which they will share with their parents during Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences on October 20.

Reading/Writing: Our morning ELA routine is in place and running smoothly.  During our Morning Writing Workshop, Morning Friends are practicing how to read and copy in their writing journals very simple sentences using sight words from the word wall...I see a _______.  They then added a picture or a sticker to finish the sentence.  Afternoon friends are given a bunch of words that they organized into a sentence. Once they have a sentence that makes sense they copy it into their writing journal.  We then moved into our Four Centers: Poetry/Sight Words, Word Work (Phonics), Writing Activities, and Reading Groups. Our Poetry/Sight Word activities were based on two different poems about leaves. Students worked on locating the sight words: and, on, the. 

Word Work:  Morning friends worked on sorting pictures by the beginning sounds g/c and f/b. Afternoon friends worked on sorting pictures by the ending sound f/b and they practiced CVC words that began with the letters g/c.  All students have been working on correctly forming the following letters: Gg, Cc, Ff, Bb.  Writing Activities: They wrote about their favorite part of the Sandwich Fair. We also read the book Down By The Bay and the students created their own pages for a class book using rhyming words. During those VERY hot days we picked the watermelon from the garden and shared it with all SCS students during a Morning Recess.

Reading Groups:  All students are working on "just right" books and comprehension activities. Afternoon friends learned the following spelling words: to, in, is, and –an family, man, can, ran, pan.  They also took a spelling test last week. and are currently working on the following spelling words: you, as, for, on, are, and -ack family, black, sack, back, snack. The children worked very hard on their poems that described the best part of themselves. These poems and pictures looked amazing in the Sandwich Fair display.
Math: During our Morning Math all students explored geoboards and base -10 blocks. They practiced forming numbers 1-6 correctly. Students used fishy crackers to solve simple number stories and made a picture to go along with one of the leaf poems by using triangles as leaves. The children created abstract circle art as they learned about the attributes of a circle. They used graph paper and sticky circles to represent numbers 1-10 to reinforce the concept of one more and one less. The students went outside and collected leaves and other items and sorted them by a common attribute. They also played the following games: Rolling to 50, Ten Frame/ Cluster Card Top -It, Penny Plate game, Number Bingo (morning friends) and Simple Addition Bingo (Afternoon friends). During our afternoon math, students used counting strategies to find sums and used addition to recognize quantities. Students found pairs of numbers that added to 10. After counting various objects, they correctly labeled the count with a “unit.” Students solved change to more and change to less number stories with sums to 10. They wrote number models to represent the various number stories. The students and I look forward to Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences next week!

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