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Dear SCS Families:

Happy Halloween! I know I write this too often, but I can’t believe another month is over. I want to thank all the volunteers who supported us during the fair weekend. All in all, ASC collected just over $5000.00. Not bad for a few hours of work! I also want to thank families and faculty for your participation in our bi-annual Parent, Student and Teacher Conferences. The Inter-Lakes School District provides time to make sure that these conferences are productive and well attended. The work that your child does with his/her teacher to prepare is notable. Your participation is appreciated.

Halloween Parade

On Wednesday, October 31, Sandwich Central School will host its annual Halloween Parade. Students are encouraged to bring a costume to school and participate in the event. Each classroom celebrates in their own unique way. Be on the lookout for direct communication from your child’s teacher. Kindergarten students are welcome to stay at SCS for the afternoon. The parade will begin promptly at 1:50 pm. Students and Faculty will walk through town stopping at the Corner House, Town Offices and Sandwich Home Industries Building. We hope to see you there!

Recommendation: We have found it is most comfortable for students to bring their costume and get dressed before the parade. Wearing a costume through the entire school day can be distracting to the student. If your child needs extra support getting their costume together, you are more than welcome to stop by the school at 1:30 pm and help out. Sixth graders have volunteered to help the primary multiage students.


It was wonderful meeting with all of you during Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences, and seeing the amazing support and encouragement you give to your children. 

Reading/Writing:  We had an author study on Eric Carle.  We read many of his books and observed his illustrations.  We then watched a short presentation of Eric Carle modeling how he creates his art for his illustrations.  The children went right to work creating their own "special" colored paper. They made their templates using familiar shapes and used Eric Carle’s techniques to create a squirrel.  After reading some nonfiction books about squirrels, the children wrote one or two sentences about their squirrel. Procedure writing was introduced this month.  The children enjoyed gathering the materials and making an acorn. The acorn they made was a little sweeter than the one a squirrel would find in a tree!


Math: Middle Multiage Veterans are working to become multiplication wizards! It is amazing to see how comfortable they already are multiplying with factors of 1, 2, 5, and 10. As they work their way through Unit 2 of Everyday Math, they are also learning to divide numbers and work with remainders. They have been using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as they persevere through challenging multi-step word problems.  

Ms. Busnach’s Rookies have just finished Unit 2. They are beginning Unit 3 which will involve using fact triangles to make addition and subtraction fact families.  We continue to work on automaticity with doubles facts, compliments of ten, and near doubles facts. Students are also using double ten frames to practice the making ten strategy when adding.  We will continue to focus on using writing to explain how a solution has been reached. This is a challenging skill, but one that we are persevering through and building upon!


our Power-Up 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane project. From these close readings students will use topic specific vocabulary in order to produce an Explanatory writing sample that will detail how the airplanes flew and what steps were taken to improve the flights. We have also started Literature Circles with works of realistic fiction related to our upcoming Colonial America Unit. There is a new Independent Reading Project posted in Google Classroom, please check it out. I will know by Friday, October 26 what book students will be reading .  

Math: Students working in the grade four Everyday Math Program have recently started a unit on multiplication and geometry.

The Sixth Grade is having a terrific fall.  Spirits are strong and the students are working hard on a variety of projects in the classroom.  Thank you to all the sixth grade parents for taking time last Friday to join us for conferences. I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with all of you.

English Language Arts/Social Studies: The students are currently reading Egyptian myths.  They are doing this work in a variety of grouping configurations with the ultimate goal of becoming an expert in one particular Egyptian myth.  Students have studied their chosen myth this week and identified numerous elements of fiction (setting, characters- protagonist/antagonist, point of view, plot and theme). Their final project will take the form of a green screen presentation where students will tell their tale through a narrated vignette shot “on location” through the miracle of green screen technology.  

This week the students also chose a particular trait of civilization (writing, technology, cities, arts and architecture, government, social structure, customs/social beliefs, etc.)  to research. They have begun to form research questions to guide their study of how this trait was demonstrated in the ancient Egyptian civilization.

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