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Sandwich Central School



Dear Parents and Friends,

I heard a forecast of possible snow showers this weekend (cue the groans), so it seemed a good time to write about our Winter Recreation Program.  I know this seems too early to be thinking of white stuff in January, but we really need to start now so we are ready the first Tuesday in January.  That is when the grades 1-6 Winter Recreation Program begins.  Important information is attached to this newsletter.  Please decide if your child will do the Sandwich Parks & Rec program at King Pine, or the SCS program at SCS.  Choose the right form and send it back to the school by December 1.  
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Linda Ristaino to teach a second Middle Multiage class beginning next week.  Mrs. Ristaino has worked in a variety of capacities for the Inter-Lakes School District for many years.  She worked as a Special Education Program Assistant; a Summer B.L.A.S.T. teacher; a long-term substitute for a half year in the 4th grade at ILES; the ILES KinderPower coordinator; and at SCS last year as an additional Upper Multiage teacher for almost half of the school year.  She has been working at SCS this year as a Paraeducator.  


Mrs. Petitti’s Primary Multiage Class


Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies: The students practiced the correct formation for the letters "Ff" and "Cc".  The following words were added to our Word Wall: look, see, I , like, his.  Morning Friends sorted pictures by the beginning sound.  The focus was on words that began with "Ff" and Hh". Afternoon friends’ focus was to listen to each sound in a word as they wrote down the letters. They practiced writing words that began with the beginning sound "Ff" and "Hh". The children enjoyed the assembly we had with Egyptian animals.  They drew pictures and wrote about their favorite Egyptian animal.  Another activity they completed during Writing Workshop was to draw a picture of a spider, then write facts that they remembered learning about.


Mr. Chapman


Language Arts: The Upper Multiage students have been actively reading, responding to, and discussing one of four novels.  The novels all include a dog (or dogs) who plays a central role in the story.  Typically the students meet in their groups to discuss the most recent reading, but this past Tuesday we met as a whole class and shared common themes that run throughout all the books.  We examined the ways an author can use the human-animal bond to create a compelling story that draws a reader in to hold his or her attention.  
      Next Wednesday we will travel to Bayswater Bookstore to peruse the selection and choose books to add to our classroom library.  This opportunity has been made possible by all the generous families and friends who donated to our Read-A-Thon in September.  


Mrs. Day


Math: On Monday the children received their first math home-link of the school year. You can expect to see your child bring home a home-link on Mondays and Wednesdays for the rest of the year. The home-link will be reinforcement of skills or concepts introduced in class and should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Please let me know if it is taking your child longer.  We hope to wrap up Unit 2 for both groups next week! The Rookies will be reviewing and expanding on place-value, money, and time, while the Veterans will be working with measurement in the 3rd Unit.
Reading: On Thursday, November 12 we enjoyed a special visit from some members of the Wicwas Lake Grange.


Mr. Hillger's 6th Grade


With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the December holidays quickly approaching, I just wanted to remind all parent chaperones that prices on Southwest are fairly cheap right now. Grab them while you can. I promise not to keep hounding you, but here is the flight information one more time:
Departing Manchester - March, 22nd @ 12:00 pm - Southwest Flight #4126
Departing BWI - March, 25th @ 3:55 pm - Southwest Flight #412

English Language Arts/Science: As we continue to work through the life and times of Thomas Edison, we have been exploring the basics of electricity. After demonstrating and writing perfect paragraphs about static electricity phenomena, we have turned our focus to electric current. Just like Edison did in Menlo Park, each student is building basic circuits, testing different conductors and making switches.


Sandwich Central School
28 Squam Lake Road
Center Sandwich, NH 03227
John Hansen - Principal

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