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Dear SCS Families:

Happy New Year and Go Foxes! As I write to you I can hear the sounds of busy students and teachers coming down the hallways. Stories are being read, written and shared amongst and across classes. The trout tank is chilling in the hallway, while Genius Hour supplies stack up in the Makerspace. I even witnessed Middle Multiage drafting wishes that have potential for a positive global impact. Working with the children of this school community is a privilege and I am often pleasantly surprised by the volume and range of projects and activities taking place in our small school.

Go Foxes!

go foxes! LogoAfter choosing a new school mascot, the decision to make a logo seemed like the logical next step. After tossing some ideas around, we decided to call upon SCS Alumnus, Aidan Carney. Aidan is currently at Inter-Lakes High School, and continues to pursue his passion for graphic arts and cartoons. We explained our mascot to Aidan and he quickly summarized our thoughts with, “You need something intimidating, yet approachable.” It with this in mind that Aidan came up with our new SCS Fox Logo. Coming to your wardrobe this Spring!


Reading/ Writing:  When we returned to school after New Year's the children enjoyed listening to a story about New Year's Eve.  They had fun practicing the months of a year.  They also set new "goals" for the year. Students were excited to get their new Writing Journals for the New Year. Before they dove into their new books, they took time to reflect and record how they have changed as writers and what goals they will practice in the New Year. The students continue to enjoy Jan Brett's stories.  The Gingerbread Baby was the last story we read.  The children enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt to find those run away gingerbread cookies.  After solving many clues the children found them hiding, but not for long. 


Science: Middle Multiage Scientists have been involved with hands on research in order to answer the focus question, 'What is the best design for a spinning top?' Students were given plastic shafts, two different sizes of plastic disks, paperclips and tape as they worked to answer the focus question. They also worked with ''doodle” tops to observe the pattern of motion as the top moved and drew across a sheet of paper. 

ELA: Writing thank you letters and New Year's resolutions were two activities that Middle Multiage students were engaged in during the weeks following the holiday break.

English Language Arts:  Upper Multiagers are ringing in the New Year with a renewed focus on writing. Students are writing a variety of stories, poetry, and photographs (with captions), for the first issue of Fox Tales, which will be coming out on January 31. Our writers are excited to see their work in print in the near future. We will also be writing narratives and personal narratives, some of which might also appear in Fox Tales, Issue 1. To ensure the highest quality written work possible, two of our ELA blocks a week will be solely dedicated to Writer’s Workshop. On these days we will focus on various grammatical areas such as sentence fragments, run on sentences, prepositional phrases and the like, all in the hopes of sharpening our writing skills. In reading we have one guided group going at the present time and they are reading the Roald Dahl classic, Matilda. The rest of the Upper Multiage readers are reading books of their choice and will be completing independent book projects.


English Language Art/Social Studies: The sixth grade students are currently reading James L. Swanson’s Chasing Lincoln’s Killer.  This fascinating book chronicles the twelve day manhunt for John Wilkes Booth after his assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  The story does an excellent job of explaining what life was like in Washington, D.C. in the final days of the Civil War. It helps our students make a strong connection to the city of Washington D.C., Ford’s Theater, and President Lincoln. It also helps in preparation for our trip to our nation’s capital, which is just slightly more than two short months away!

Math: The Upper Multiage Veterans are beginning a unit on decimals.  This unit will cover decimal place value, comparing and ordering decimal values, and addition and subtraction of decimals to the thousandths place.

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