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Dear SCS Families:

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at SCS! I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying some holiday cheer. This is a busy time of year at SCS and the Inter-Lakes School District. While we work with children each day, we are also laying the foundation for next school year. Please keep in mind that the Inter-Lakes School District budget will be voted on March 4 and that we have an open Sandwich seat on the Inter-Lakes School Board. The supportive role that the School Board plays in educating our children is critical to our school and your voice is valued. Please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions.

Forward BMX

Each year we contract with the Bureau of Lectures to bring cultural assemblies to SCS. Through this long standing relationship we have hosted African Drumming, the Magic of Math, Japanese Acrobats, Hip Hop Artists and Animals of the Amazon, to name just a few. Last week, we were blown away by the duo of Doug and Stephen from Forward BMX. The performers entertained the children with a wide range of impressive skills while promoting the idea of passion and hard work. While I am partial to anything with two wheels, I am confident that most will agree that this was one for the SCS Hall of Fame.


Math: Children have been using base-10 blocks, drawings, and games to support place-value understanding. We also have used pennies and dimes to show the relationship between tens and ones by exchanging 10 pennies for 1 dime. The relation symbols have been introduced:  =, <, >.  The children really like using the relation symbols to compare two numbers, they like making them into alligators:-) We have been looking at a variety of addition and subtraction problems that are true and false.  If an equation is false, the children have to determine how they could make it true. We just started our number books about which the children are very excited.  As they write numbers in their books, they are applying place-value understanding to write numbers up to and beyond 100. The children have also been measuring various "tape paths" on our classroom floor using nonstandard units (i.e. pencils, paper clips).  A new free choice center opened this month in our classroom, which requires the children to do simple coding in order to get a mouse through the maze they create.  They are doing a wonderful job at this center.


Veteran readers have been exploring Earth and its neighbors aka the Solar System through the Wonders program. They have read non-fiction articles about the solar system and compared that learning to legends explaining the sky and planets. They have made some amazing discoveries about the moon and its phases, Saturn, and Mars! In addition the children have been working with r-controlled vowels, verb tense, and verb-subject agreement.

         The Rookies from Middle Multiage have been working in ELA to answer the focus question, 'How can we help our community?' They have discussed and written about this question. The group decided to make several lovely bookmarks for the patrons of the Samuel H. Wentworth Library.  They asked fellow schoolmates for their help in creating bookmarks. On Thursday, February 13th, all Middle Multiage students trudged over the snowy sidewalks through town to deliver their creations. At the library, the students created valentines for their favorite books to decorate the Valentine Tree and also placed some of the bookmarks inside their favorite books.   


Language Arts/Social Studies: 

  • Students who work with Mrs. Read for ELA have been learning about the elements of realistic fiction. They are working through the writing process to create their own realistic fiction writing pieces. UM students have been tasked with the challenge of including dialogue in these writing pieces. Students have been enjoying sharing with peers as they gather input on how to revise and edit their work. They are looking forward to sharing their realistic fiction writing with you on conference day in March. 
  • Students in Mr. Watson’s ELA group finished up their study of argumentative texts by writing an opinion essay on a topic of their choice. We have recently begun a study of the Expository Text genre. The guiding question for this genre study is, “What do good problem solvers do?” and it will have a Colonial American theme.  We will be reading books about the American Revolution as well as learning more about our Constitution. We will also be writing Expository essays as part of this genre study.


General News: Next week the Sixth Grade will kick-off Project Philly/DC.  This always makes for an exciting time of year in class as we begin to learn about all that we will see and do on our trip in March. That said, it can also be a time that brings about a bit of anxiety for students as they start thinking about spending a few days away from home.  If your child has any questions please encourage them to talk about them with me or bring them up at Morning Meeting. Mr. Hillger, Mrs. Booty, and I will be working hard to make sure that this trip goes smoothly and is enjoyed by all. If you have not yet sent in your child’s second payment of $150, please do so by January 31.

English Language Arts: In addition to taking the ELA MAP assessment this week, we continue to use the Wonders ELA program, and we are currently reading examples of argumentative texts.  The focus has been on money, the economy, and the Federal Reserve. These passages are helping us make nice connections to topics that may of the students find interesting, and it’s an added bonus that we will be visiting the US Mint in Philadelphia and walking past the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C.

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