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Sandwich Central School



Dear Parents and Friends,

We have decided to extend the Winter Recreation Program into March this year due to the duo of cancellations in January. There are NO winter recreation activities this coming Tuesday, February 18, but we will have all activities on Tuesday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 11. Maybe we’ll even get some warm, sunny days then!
Upper Multiage teacher Justin Chapman was excited to learn that his request for a one-year sabbatical was approved by the School Board this week. Mr. Chapman plans to further his education in the area of literacy instruction and technology integration during the 2014-15 school year as he pursues certification as a Reading, Writing Specialist, K-12 through Plymouth State University. A twelve-year member of the SCS staff, Mr. Chapman has been an educator for fourteen years and he will be missed during this one-year leave of absence. We will begin a search for an interim replacement immediately.


Mrs. Petitti’s Primary Multiage Class


Reading/Writing/Science: The children have been practicing how to put words in abc order by looking at the first, second and sometimes the third letter in words. They continue to enjoy listening to the various versions of the Three Little Pigs and comparing how they are the same and different . They are recording the elements of each story on a large chart in the classroom.  The children enjoyed our poem/song about a pig named PINGO.


Mr. Chapman’s Upper Multiage


Language Arts and Social Studies: Over the past few weeks, the Upper Multiage students have been actively engaged in the Upper Multiage Mock Legislature.  This experience has been used to teach the legislative process, as students have written bills that may eventually become new classroom rules.  In addition to writing the bills, students have been assigned to committees to discuss the merits of each bill, held public hearings, debated the bills and offered amendments in front of the Upper Multiage House of Representatives and Upper Multiage Senate, and voted on many of the bills as well.  We are nearing the end of the process, and a number of the bills have received majority support in both the House and Senate and now await Governor Hansen’s signature.  


Ms. Littlefield


Math: The Blue Group wrapped up Unit 7 this week and are about to start a unit on fractions. The children are enjoying naming fractional parts of shapes and dividing shapes into parts, such as halves, thirds, and quarters. Next week we will be exploring some equivalent fractions. The Orange Group is working their way through Unit 7. This week we have been working on the x6 multiplication facts and learning how to use the basic facts to help solve extended facts. For example if we know that 3x6=18 then we can use that knowledge to help us solve 3x60. Next week we will wrap up this unit and begin a new unit on fractions.
Reading: In reading groups we are wrapping up the fictional titles we have been reading.


Mr. Hillger's 6th Grade