Sandwich Central School

Wow! It has been a great start to the 2016/17 school year. I want to start by thanking all family members for supporting their children as they embark on another busy year. I know how hard it can be to pack healthy lunches, keep clean clothes in the dresser, and make sure young brains are in bed at a reasonable hour. These are not always easy tasks and I truly appreciate all that you do to prepare your children for learning.

The first three weeks have been exciting and busy. To compliment our Responsive Classroom approach to classroom management, our Sixth Grade leaders hosted a Recess Safety presentation at our first all school meeting. They used photographs and guidelines to model and promote safe use of the playground equipment. At the primary end of the building, students and faculty have been busy establishing classroom routines. In addition, they have started their K-3 multiage literacy block. This is a revised take on our multiage approach and will allow a minimum of four faculty members to construct flexible literacy activities for the students in K-3. Last, but certainly not least, the Upper Multiage has been busy working on their Hopes and Dreams. They are not wasting any time and are already using their new Chromebooks to access Google Classroom and publish their writing.

I want to thank the parents who joined me for my first Evening with the Principal forum. It was great conversation and I truly value your perspective. As a result of the meeting, I am pleased to announce that our school’s PTO is getting a 2.0 update. I look forward to sharing more details with you at SCS Open House on Wednesday, September 21, 2016. Our open format will start at 6:00 pm and will conclude with a short all school presentation in the multi-purpose room at 6:45 pm. I look forward to seeing all of you there. Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Petitti’s and Mrs. Read'sPrimary Multiage Class

petittiPrimary Multiage: We have been very busy and students are working hard. We are all tired by the end of the day....It is a good tired:-) We have spent a lot of time the last couple weeks working on routine and how to take care of our friends and our learning space. Group discussions and partner shares have been modeled and the children have been practicing these skills. Our Morning Meeting routine is in place and the students are participating in all the parts (greeting, share, activity, morning message). We practiced how to leave the school during a fire drill and that it is okay to cover your ears to muffle the loud bell ringing.
Reading, Writing: Students are learning how to use their reading boxes and writing journals.

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Mrs. Day's & Mrs. Read's Middle Multiage Class


Math: In Blue Math, the children in this group are off to a great start with their study of mathematics. In this first unit we have been establishing some routines for math class as well as reviewing skills learned last year. These include: counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, using number lines and number grids, compliments of 10, and odd and even numbers. We have also had fun learning some new math games, such as Fishing for 10 and Fishing for 100. The children are excited to share these games with you at our first math morning on October 3rd.
Orange Math Third graders have been hard at work during math class. They have been reviewing many skills including telling time, rounding numbers, and computing 'elapsed time.' They have been working to become 'automatic' with their addition and subtraction facts.

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Mrs. Hoag's Upper Multiage Class


It has been an awesome experience transitioning back to SCS, what a fantastic group of kids we have in Upper Multiage this year! We have spent these last three weeks getting to know one another, creating our hopes and dreams for the school year, and establishing classroom routines and expectations. We have almost finalized our classroom rules, and they will be posted in our room next Wednesday night for Open House. Thank you for helping your child develop an at home reading routine, we will be discussing other homework avenues and options during your child’s parent/teacher/student conference in October. Also, I tend to hold onto corrected work so students have options to chose from to add to their portfolios, so work tends to go home in chunks throughout the year.

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Mr.Chapman's 6th Grade


Grade Six is off to a truly wonderful start. During these first few weeks of school we have had many conversations about all the excitement that comes with being in their final year at Sandwich Central School. We have also discussed the many leadership opportunities they will have this year, and they are very eager to lead in a positive and productive way. On the second day of school Chief Wyman met with us to teach the students how to properly handle and fold the United States flag, as well how to raise and lower the flag up and down the pole. The students have assumed this daily responsibility and they are performing this duty with care and pride. By the second week of school the sixth grade students had stepped into another leadership roles as captains of cafeteria table washing teams.

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