Dear SCS Families:

“It is not how you start the race or where you are during the race,
it is how you cross the finish line that matters.”
Robert D. Hales
The above quote has been ringing in my head as we cruise to the finish line of another year at Sandwich Central School. In addition to wrapping up our data collection cycle, students and teachers are celebrating their successes and relationships with a variety of experiential learning opportunities.
In May, the Upper Multiage students and faculty traveled by school bus to Concord, NH. While there, they culminated their studies of New Hampshire with a tour of the State House and New Hampshire Fish and Game. The State House staff provided our students with a historical tour of the building, including a stop at Governor Sununu’s Office. Next, we traveled across the Merrimack to the New Hampshire Fish and Game headquarters on Hazen Drive. The children enjoyed an interactive exhibit and a visit with officers from the reality TV show Northwoods Law. All in all it was a great day and Mrs. Hoag and Mrs. Read should be commended on their planning and preparation.
As described in Mr. Bennett’s report, the sixth graders completed their three day/two night adventure at Camp Merrowvista. I was fortunate to spend the entire week with the sixth graders and was impressed by their outgoing/positive attitudes. This trip remains a rite of passage for the Inter-Lakes sixth graders and is worth every ounce of the resources we put towards it.

petittiThe students were so excited to share their portfolio with such supportive, engaged, encouraging parents.  Thank you for celebrating the growth your child made and being a part of their goal setting.
Reading, Writing, and Science:  During Writing Workshop the students brainstormed all their favorite locations in Sandwich.  Each student selected their favorite place.  They have been working on an opinion writing web to organize their thoughts. Students will turn this web into an opinion writing piece. Each student has been learning how to use "Book Creator" on the I-Pads with the P.S.U. students that are a part of class on Friday mornings.


ELA: Ms. Busnach’s reading groups have been continuing to work on specific phonics skills.  Most recently, we studied the sounds of bossy r. Students have been reading stories with er, or, ar, ur, and ir words.  We have also read about Daylight Savings time and learned some new information about how time works. As April showers approach, we will be reading about the science behind rainbows!

Math: Ms. Busnach’s Rookies have been working hard in math!  They have been studying place value by using base ten blocks.  The Rookies have gotten very comfortable taking apart numbers to reveal the amount of hundreds, tens, and/or ones needed to make the number.  We are now moving onto measurement, starting with the foot. Students have experimented measuring the lengths of our actual feet. After listening to the story, How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller, we discussed why we need a universal foot to use when measuring objects.


ELA:  Upper Multiage students are currently enjoying reading some new novels. The students have been spending some time reading independently and some time discussing the book with a group of peers and their teacher. Students have been focusing on character traits, plot development and vocabulary during this process. We thank ASC for purchasing us these high interest books!

Math: Rookies - Your child’s Unit 5 assessment was sent home this week.  We have now entered Unit 6, which focuses on division strategies and angles.  Since division is the inverse operation of multiplication, we will be using lots of our multiplication strategies to help us solve division problems.  Students were introduced to the partial quotients strategy for division today, which focuses on place value. We will continue to practice this strategy throughout this unit.

DC 2018


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