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Sandwich Central School



Dear Parents and Friends,
      It feels as if the last few weeks have been consumed with Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Assessments.  These are State tests administered in grades 3 through 8, and also in grade 11 that have replaced the NECAP test.  The SBAC assessments are administered to the students on their Chromebooks.  Technologically, there have been no issues at all with the test.  
Students in grade 3 finished both the English Language Arts (ELA) and Math tests (except for students who were absent); students in grades 4-6 finished the ELA assessments and will begin the Math assessments next week.   
Both subject areas had two tests -- one that was multiple choice and short answers called the Summative CAT.  CAT stands for Computer Adaptive Test.  The other was called the Summative Performance Task (PT).  The PT also had a Classroom Activity that needed to be taught prior to taking the test.
The tests are long.  The CAT has taken students anywhere from 1 hour to 2 ½ hours  to complete.


Mrs. Petitti’s Primary Multiage Class


Reading, Writing, Science:   We have had an "egg-citing" two weeks.   The children made deviled eggs, egg salad and hard-boiled eggs.  As they prepared these special egg dishes they worked together to write procedures.  The next day they got to sample the different egg dishes. They worked in groups and filled in a chart organizing their opinions about their favorite egg dish. They did other activities to reinforce fact and opinion.  Each student then selected his/her favorite season and used a planning sheet to write his/her opinion as to why it was the best season.  They made a project to go along with their writing.  


Mrs. Beaudoin and Mrs. Ristaino


The Upper Multiage students have sure been busy! We have continued working on Greek and Latin roots for spelling and vocabulary and have been noticing these roots in words throughout the curriculum. We have begun working on various projects in partnerships for selected Greeks myths. The projects include slide shows, dramas, and posters. The students have been reading books of their choice along with curriculum-related materials during English Language Arts, and are about to begin new novel units. 
     In Math we had a Jelly Bean Challenge!


Mrs. Day


Math: Veterans continue to hone their multiplication and division skills as we begin a unit on fractions. Meanwhile the rookies are using their knowledge of fractions in our current unit on measurement. This week they learned about perimeter with tales of Penuche the pony. Next week we will be exploring area.
Reading: We continue to work on building comprehension skills and furthering our understanding of a variety of texts. The Veterans read an article in National Geographic about Clouds. After reading the children were asked to evaluate information to explain how clouds can form in strange and mysterious shapes.


Mr. Hillger's 6th Grade


I have to laugh. My last newsletter entry started with the words, “It seems like Spring is right around the corner…”. Oh well. I want to personally thank all of the people and organizations that made our annual field experience in Washington D.C. a success. The students, chaperones and staff returned to SCS full of new experiences and expanded perspectives. We truly appreciate everyone’s effort and support.
Project D.C.: Our annual trip to Washington, D.C. was nothing short of an amazing experience.


Sandwich Central School
28 Squam Lake Road
Center Sandwich, NH 03227
John Hansen - Principal

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