Sandwich Central School

February has arrived and the students of Sandwich Central School continue to navigate the rigors of academia, the Personal Competencies, and the frozen tundra that is our playground. Our Personal Competency bulletin board has evolved, as students were asked to think about how they can help someone else achieve success. Their creative ideas are on display in our main hallway. In January, students in grades two through six completed the NWEA Language Arts Assessment and Science Assessment. As with other NWEA assessments, these are completed on the Chromebooks and adapt to the students level of knowledge as they progress through the questions. The children worked hard on this challenge and can look forward to the Smarter Balanced Assessment coming this Spring. A big congratulations goes out to our SCS Math Team, who came in third place at their first Lakes Region Math-a-lon. These math-letes worked incredibly hard and are right in the mix with Gilford and Inter-Lakes. Should make for an interesting season of math.

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Mrs. Petitti & Mrs. Read - Primary Multiage

petittiWe have a new friend who joined our class a few weeks ago. We are excited to have Ayden join our Primary Multiage family.
Reading, Writing and History: The students enjoyed listening to many nonfiction books about Dr. Martin Luther King. We also read a fiction book The Crayon Book That Talked. Students were able to compare the character in this book with Dr. Martin Luther King.

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Mrs. Day & Mrs. Read - Middle Multiage


Blue Math: This group has been hard at work learning strategies to solve a variety of addition and subtraction since our return from the winter vacation. Just this week they completed unit 5 and next week we will be starting unit 6. In unit 6 we will be learning more strategies for whole number operations and strategies for solving whole number stories.

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Mrs. Hoag - Upper Multiage

hoagI look forward to seeing you during our upcoming Parent/Student/Teacher conferences starting next week. We have been working on getting our portfolios up to speed. Students will be sharing a technology piece of their choosing, their science notebooks, and we will discuss some learning goals for this second half of the year.
Reading: In reading groups, we are looking forward to wrapping up the essays discussed below, so we can move onto reading various novels about Colonial America.

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Mr.Chapman - 6th Grade

chapmanProject D.C and Language Arts: We are off and running with our planning for the sixth grade trip to Washington D.C.! The students are very engaged in our preparations. We have reviewed our itinerary and they have enjoyed using the internet to explore the sites we will be visiting in just six short weeks. This week we started reading James L. Swanson’s Chasing Lincoln’s Killer.

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