SCS Open House

S.C.S. Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 6:00 pm. There will be a brief all school meeting in the Multi-Purpose Room at 6:45 pm, followed by a Sixth Grade Washington, D.C. parent meeting in Mr. Chapman's room.

Sandwich Central School

Dear S.C.S. Families,


I sincerely hope that you and your family experienced a healthy and happy summer. Personally, I have enjoyed much of this beautiful weather with my family on the lake and in the woods. I have also spent quite a bit of time here at school. My new role as principal of S.C.S. has presented me with a wide range of new challenges and responsibilities, but each one gets me more and more excited for Tuesday, August 30th…The First Day of School!


Our new custodian, Mr. Peter Reid, has been hard at work getting our building ready for the start of school, and I am not exaggerating when I say it is shining! Our superintendent, Mrs. Mary Moriarty, has also been busy adjusting to her new role, and is working alongside me to make sure we are all off to a great start. As many of you already know, Mrs. Heather Hoag (formerly Ms. Wyman) is returning to S.C.S. as the Upper Multiage teacher, while Mr. Justin Chapman has moved his desk approximately five feet into the sixth grade classroom. Mrs. Denise Reid has transferred from Inter-Lakes Elementary School and will be working alongside Mrs. Jennifer Petitti and Mrs. Heather Day in the Primary end of our building. We have also acquired the services of Mrs. Trisha Griffin as our part time speech and language pathologist.


As part of our strategic plan, the Inter-Lakes School District will continue to implement a competency based curriculum and assessment protocol.  In July, I was fortunate to join a team of sixteen educators and administrators at Sanborn High School for a Competency Based Learning (CBL) Studio. “Competency education is a district or school policy that claims responsibility for helping students reach proficiency – not just recall or comprehension, but a level of proficiency that means students can use what they are learning.” (Sturgis, 2015) The direction that education is headed is exciting, as it is student centered and allows for greater flexibility with regards to learning styles, learning opportunities, and assessment strategies.


As our school year gets underway, two of my professional goals are to maintain open channels of communication and to re-energize the S.C.S. Parent Teacher Organization. The school community has benefited from years of energetic volunteers and supportive events. As happens in all schools, many of these volunteers have moved on with their children and the time has come to reorganize. I am planning to host a Parent/Principal Forum on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 13th at 4:00 pm.  This conversation will include, but is not limited to the topic of a PTO. I hope that you will join me for refreshments and good conversation. The Annual S.C.S. Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21st at 6:00pm.  


The first day of school is a Tuesday, so each student can plan on Physical Education as their special. Back to school outfits should include sneakers. To help with the first week I have included a few sections from the S.C.S. Parent Student Teacher Handbook. Hopefully these will answer questions about arrivals, buses, lunch and departures.


I feel incredibly fortunate to be your school principal this year and appreciate the level of trust you have placed in the hands of the S.C.S. staff. I understand that your child is the most important priority in your life, and therefore I will do my best to create the safest and most positive learning environment possible. In the event that you have a question or something is concerning you, please don’t hesitate to call. Let’s have a great year together.



Jeremy Hillger

Sturgis, C. Is Competency Education a Disruptive Innovation? The Answer is No. (, 2015)

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