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Sandwich Central School



Dear Parents and Friends,

Thank you to all who accompanied the students on the trip to Plimoth Plantation, the Mayflower II and the Boston Museum of Science!  The trip was a huge success, in part because of the terrific parent chaperones who helped kids stay focused and have fun.  We all got a bit wet at Plimoth Plantation, and a lot wet on the Mayflower, but many thought the adverse weather served to reinforce just how tough it must have been for our earliest settlers.  We stayed dry and warm at the Museum of Science, taking in planned activities and time to just explore the museum.  Our students set an excellent example, in stark contrast to students from another school.  You should know that your children brought honor to their school, community, family and most importantly, to themselves, with their inquisitive, polite, helpful and fun participation in all facets of the two day trip.  I received a number of compliments from the staff at Plimoth Plantation, the Mayflower and the Museum of Science regarding not just the good behavior of our students, but their obvious interest and investment in what was being offered.


Mrs. Petitti’s Primary Multiage Class


Reading, Writing, Social Studies:  The children practiced the letter Bb and Kk during handwriting. We added the following words to our word wall: but, by, was. Children have been writing recounts and wonderful stories in their Writing Journals.  We learned about the Mayflower, Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans in order to prepare for our trip to Plimoth Plantation.  We are learning a fun song about the 7 Continents.  Each child located and colored in North America and Europe on a map as we discussed the Mayflower’s journey across the Atlantic Ocean. 


Mrs. Beaudoin’s Upper Multiage


Language Arts: To prepare for our trip to Plimoth Plantation, the Upper Multiage worked on a variety of literary activities related to the establishment of this first colony. The class did a close reading of the Mayflower Compact. This primary resource was the first governing document for Plymouth Colony. During small group reading, students have read books about the daily life of Pilgrim and Wampanoag children. In addition to lessons about early Colonial American life, students have worked on expanding vocabulary by using context clues within reading and looking for synonyms and antonyms.

Writing: During the exciting days surrounding Halloween, students listened to and created their own scary stories. Students focused on the literary element of setting by naming the time and place of a story. Students also created Halloween themed similes and metaphors. This past week students wrote about the importance of Veterans Day and reflected upon last week’s trip to Plimoth Plantation and the Boston Museum of Science.


Mrs. Day


Math:  The students in the blue math group have been busy learning a variety of strategies to solve number stories.  They have also been working on reading and writing numbers into the thousands.  The students in the orange math group are wrapping up a unit on measurement. We have reviewed using standard units of measure for both the U.S. customary system and the Metric system.  They have also learned about perimeter and area, as well as the connection between area and multiplication. We will be using this connection next week as we begin a new unit on multiplication.
Reading:  After a busy and fun week last week, the children were excited to get back to some of our regular routines.   In reading groups, we enjoyed reading a fascinating article in our National Geographic Pioneer about seahorses.


Mr. Hillger's 6th Grade


Wow! We had a great time at Plymouth Plantation and the Museum of Science. It was a ton of fun to experience life in 1620, and then explore the large variety of science based exhibits. We really appreciate all the time and energy that everyone put into making this trip a success. Thank you!
Social Studies: The Sixth Graders have just finished writing narratives set in Ancient Egypt. Using the writing  process, each student crafted a short story about a young adult who needs to find a solution to a problem. Each story was enhanced with research based facts from Ancient Egypt. As a class, we focused our time on use of dialogue, avoiding run-on sentences, and tense agreement.  The students worked hard to craft these writing pieces, and the variety of characters and problems was impressive.
Math: It has been all about geometry in fifth grade mathematics.


Sandwich Central School
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John Hansen - Principal

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