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Sandwich Central School



Dear Parents and Friends,

We enjoyed guest storyteller Angela Klingler last week. She visited with us on her way to the Waterville Valley Storytellers’ Exposition. Her expressive story telling surprised some students, but was well received. In just under two weeks, we will welcome Joe "The Trick Star" Odhiambo, a former NBA basketball player. He will razzle and dazzle us with his tricks, and ground us with his thoughts on friendship, kindness and consideration.
A few reminders are in order:

  • Permission slips for Boston were due today, Friday, October 3. I will accept both student and parent slips on Monday, but absolutely not a day later. Payment must be included with the slips or a reservation will not be made. We are required to pay in full for all spaces reserved.
  • Sandwich Fair parking help is needed on all three days. Mr. Hillger will be guiding the crew on Saturday; Mr. Hansen will lead on Sunday; and Mrs. Morton will handle Monday. But we cannot do it alone. There is a signup sheet outside the office.
  • Mr. Whitney will begin after-school chorus for Middle Multiage, Upper Multiage and Grade 6 students who are interested. A permission slip is included with this newsletter. Mr. Whitney may be able to make some allowances for those finishing up Fall sports that take place on Wednesday. Please see the permission slip for information on contacting him.There is no school next Friday, October 10 or Monday, October 13.
  • There is a half day of school on Thursday, October 23 and no school on Friday, October 24 so that there can be Parent-Student-Teacher conferences.

Mrs. Petitti’s Primary Multiage Class


Reading, Writing Social Studies:  I have been reading many books by Tomie de Paola and Jan Brett. We discussed what authors do when they finish writing...they write more! We also made a list of other things they could do when they think they are finished writing during Writing Workshop. The children explored one of the following forms of poetry: couplet, cinquain, haiku.

Each child selected the form of poetry he/she wanted to explore and wrote a poem about his/her favorite season. We shared this experience with Ms. Littlefield's class so we could break into 3 smaller focus groups with Mrs. Bickford facilitating one of the groups. The poems they wrote will be featured at the Sandwich Fair. We took a walking field trip to the Sandwich Fire Station.


Mrs. Beaudoin’s Upper Multiage


Language Arts: Wow! The students of the Upper Multiage have done a great job reading to a partner. The class has now built sufficient stamina with read to self, work on writing, and read to a partner to have choice selections during small group time. This past week we launched word work. We begin each week establishing individual spelling lists.

Each student practices words that follow the spelling strategy for the week, corrected misspelled words from his or her personal writing journals, and the district created spelling list. In Grammar, the class has been focusing on nouns. We have been editing for correct capitalization of proper nouns and accurate use of plural nouns with spelling changes within writing.


Ms. Littlefield


Math: We were excited to see so many families represented at Family Fun Math Morning this morning. Thank you to everyone who came! If you could not make this one, we hope to see you at a later date.
Blue Group: The children have been working on mastering the basic addition facts and learning strategies to help them master the basic subtraction facts. They have also learned how to use empty number lines.

Next week we will be working on finding different names for numbers and using Frames and Arrows. Orange Group: Last week the group began the Sunrise/Sunset project. Every Tuesday, we will be recording the time of that day's sunrise and sunset.


Mr. Hillger's 6th Grade


October is here and you know what that means. It is time to park some cars! Thank you to all of the families who have signed up to help out this coming weekend. We are always looking for extra hands to assist with this significant fundraiser. Whether you have a sixth grader or not, feel free to sign up in the SCS main hallway or send me an email. See you at the fair!
Social Studies: Over the past two weeks, the sixth graders have focused on the geography of Egypt.


Sandwich Central School
28 Squam Lake Road
Center Sandwich, NH 03227
John Hansen - Principal

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