Sandwich Central School

Happy New Year from all of us at Sandwich Central School! We are looking forward to another year of learning, growth, and healthy activity.
Prior to the winter break the students at SCS were busy with a variety of projects and activities. Student Council hosted a spirit week which included costumes, music and holiday treats. Each multiage classroom collaborated with another multiage classroom on a holiday craft project. It was enjoyable to watch the younger students interacting with their older classmates.
In the Primary end of the building, students are working in leveled literacy groups based on readiness.

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Mrs. Petitti & Mrs. Read - Primary Multiage

petittiWe have a new friend who joined our class after vacation. We are excited to have Elsa join us in the mornings!
Reading, Writing, Science: Before vacation we started an author study on Jan Brett. We enjoyed many of her winter stories but we focused on The Wild Christmas Reindeer. After hearing the story the students sequenced the events. They worked on high frequency words from the story. Students practiced the correct formation for the letter "Rr" and the number 9.

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Mrs. Day & Mrs. Read - Middle Multiage


Blue Math: After vacation we started a new math unit. In this unit we are working on counting coins, making change, and using various strategies for solving addition and subtraction number stories. The children in this group continue to work on mastering the basic addition and subtraction facts. Recently we have enjoyed practicing through a fun card game called 7 ate 9.

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Mrs. Hoag - Upper Multiage

hoagReading: Reading groups continue to build their knowledge around the 13 Colonies. We have moved on to the Southern Colonies this week, and once we finish these, we will end with the Middle Colonies. We just read the 2016 year end edition of Time for Kids, and each student has chosen a particular article of their liking to research more thoroughly this week.

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Mr.Chapman - 6th Grade

chapmanLanguage Arts and Social Studies: Grade Six students have been reading books from Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. These books do a nice job of putting a modern twist on the Greek Gods and Goddesses, which connects nicely to our study of Ancient Greece. Students are also researching topics of their choice about life in Ancient Greece.

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