Individual and Group Services


The Middle School years can be a fun and rewarding time for students and their parents.  However, it can also be confusing and challenging.  Ms. Spiro and Mr. Connell provide individual counseling for students needing support with relationships, personal, and/or academic issues. 


Individual counseling helps students identify problems, sort through issues, and identify possible solutions to the issues they are facing.   Individual counseling with students in confidential and is typically a short-term type of support. 


All students have access to guidance services and parental permission is required to see the guidance counselor on a regular basis.  A student, parent or teacher may make a request for a student to receive individual counseling.  Please be aware that School Counselors do not provide therapy.  Mr. Connell and Ms. Spiro have a vast knowledge of local resources and make referrals to outside agencies as appropriate. 




Both Ms. Spiro and Mr. Connell facilitate educational and counseling groups.  Groups are developed based on student needs (as identified by the students themselves or by the school counselor or teachers).  Groups may teach students new skills and increase awareness of a certain subject or deal with a personal or interpersonal concerns  Groups allow students to not only help themselves but others as well.  Sometimes students are asked to participate in groups as a peer mentor.  Written parental permission is required for students to participate in groups.  Some possible group topics include:  social skills, anger management, coping with stress, grieve and loss, and dealing with divorce.

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