MT Guidance

Meredith and the surrounding communities have a wealth of resources to support students and their families. 

The resources listed in the document below are for information only.  We are not recommending particular agencies or businesses.  If you need further information, please contact one of us. 

Lakes Region Resource Directory


Individual and Group Services


The Middle School years can be a fun and rewarding time for students and their parents.  However, it can also be confusing and challenging.  Ms. Spiro and Mr. Connell provide individual counseling for students needing support with relationships, personal, and/or academic issues. 

Classroom guidance is structured lessons in the classroom that focus on knowledge of self and others (interpersonal and intrapersonal skills), academic skills, and career exploration and planning.  Classroom guidance is one way school counselors work with all students, providing classroom lessons in collaboration with classroom teachers.  Classroom guidance lessons are developmentally appropriate and structured to meet the needs of students in that particular grade level. 

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