The Inter-Lakes School District will be introducing a new instructional program in sixth grade entitled Too Good for Drugs. This instructional program was developed by the nonprofit organization Law Enforcement Against Drugs and supported by the Mendez Foundation. In the past, students at both Sandwich and Inter-Lakes experienced the D.A.R.E. program. More recently, our guidance counselor, Ms. Spiro has taught Project ALERT lessons to our students which addressed positive choices and substance abuse.
I am sure you know that New Hampshire, along with every other state in the country, is dealing with the significant challenges presented by the Opioid crisis. This crisis presents a significant health risk to all of us. Parents and educators are concerned about the potential impact to children. As a school, we are taking every possible measure to educate our children and families to this ongoing health threat.

The Too Good for Drugs curriculum contains ten one hour lessons. These lessons will most likely be delivered once per week. The instruction is designed to “develop the social and emotional skills students need, promote character, and peer pressure refusal skills. This program is considered to be evidence/research based. It is designated as a model program by the Substance and Mental Health Services Administration.” Trained instructors for the lessons may include School Resource Officer Keith True, Sandwich Police Chief Doug Wyman, and retired Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Agent Lisa Remick. We hope to begin instruction in February or early March.

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