vapeHappy New Year everyone! There has been a drug gaining in popularity due to its compactness and discreet use. It is called vaping. Initially they were referred to as electronic cigarettes for people to use to decrease their intake of nicotine, but lately they have been more targeted towards teens and younger. The vape pens have several different looks to them, but they all have a main body part where there are batteries and the part that heats it up, the cartridge which is concentrated liquid nicotine, and the mouthpiece.  It will heat up the liquid and people smoke it with minimal smell.  They are small enough to put into your pocket unnoticed.  Some even have flavors such as very berry slushie, cinnamon roll, mint, coffee and so many others. Some kids try vaping for just the flavor, because who else would this be targeting except young kids?  No matter what the label says, smoking anything is dangerous for bodies, especially young bodies. The contents of the cartridge itself is extremely poisonous, especially to curious little hands. Smoking will always affect your lungs, throat, and bronchial tubes and no chemical is safe to smoke.  Most liquids have nicotine in them even if they claim they do not.

There is a certain amount of nicotine where they are required to say the amount of nicotine, but below a certain amount they can claim there is “no” nicotine. This may be no big deal for an every day smoker, but not good for a 12 year old who has never had nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, which means once it is in your system and you use it regularly, it is very difficult to get off it. The younger you are, the more impressionable your brain is and the more likely that you will continue to use the drug.  99% of current adult smokers started smoking before age 18.  The good news is that smoking overall has significantly decreased over the years. The bad thing is that companies introduced flavored tobacco, which is more appealing to young people and now smoking is on the rise again. Please talk with your children about the dangers of using any substance that alters their state of being. Talk with them about why they would want to try and things they can do instead they would be more fun and healthy. If they are attracted to the flavor of cinnamon rolls, why not make them at home?
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