DIOn Sunday, April 2nd an Inter-Lakes Middle Tier New Hampshire Destination Imagination Team comprised of Lily Richardson, Eloise Moore, Kat Viera, Katy Miller, Kami Lamarre and Ben Beaudoin competed in the State Destination Imagination Tournament in Bedford, New Hampshire. They placed second in their challenge which was titled Three-Peat. The challenge involved being given three different skits to plan and deliver in impromptu fashion.

The students only three minutes to plan and deliver each skit. The skits fell into three different categories; comedy, adventure, and spy. For each skit they needed to incorporate a stock character. The stock characters were an artist, philosopher, and athlete.
Based on their second place finish, they have qualified to compete in the Global Championships that will be held in Knoxville, Tennessee in May! A big congratulations goes out to the Destroyers and their advisor Mary Richardson. Good luck in your future competition!

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