MLKHonorEach year the National Education Association of New Hampshire holds an Arts and a Writing Contest to honor Martin Luther King. “Entries needed to reflect the students’ understanding of Dr. King Jr.’s words to their lives as well as to life in general. It is important that each student learn about Dr. King Jr.’s life and legacy and understand how his work continues to impact civil rights and social justice issues today.”

Seventh grader Rylee Harper created an elaborate visual model of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivering a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His entry into the Arts Contest was selected as the winning entry in the contest. When looking at Rylee’s model it is clear to see why he was selected as the winner of the contest. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding.
Seventh grade student Ellie Hornkohl entered the Writing Contest with a poem she crafted. Her words truly honor the power and significance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life. I would like to congratulate both Ellie and Rylee on their work that displays their understanding of the power of nonviolence and love in social change.

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