Welcome Back

The first week of school was a whirlwind of activity as we once again settle into our routines at Inter-Lakes Middle Tier. It is a time to reunite with old friends and meet new friends. It is an opportunity for students to start fresh with a group of educators who want them to be successful. I am always so refreshed by the enthusiasm and energy that students bring to the first week of school.

I truly hope this is a special year for your children. Every year is a new opportunity for your children to be successful with their learning. I would urge you to communicate with your child’s teacher on a regular basis. Teachers and parents working together create a powerful force that contribute to student success. Teachers at Inter-Lakes Elementary School can be reached by telephone at 279-7968. 7th and 8th grade teachers can be reached at 279-5312. Staff members may be reached by email using their first name, . then their last name followed by @interlakes.org. For example, my email address is everett.bennett@interlakes.org. If you ever need my assistance to solve a problem or to support your child in school, please contact me. I can be reached by telephone at I-LES at 279-7968 or at I-L Junior High at 279-5312 or you can email me at the address above.

School Pictures

cameraSchool pictures will be taken on September 16, 2016 for seventh and eighth graders at Inter-Lakes Junior High School. Students should bring the picture packet that was mailed home to school with them on picture day. Extra packets may be obtained in Student Support Services.
School Pictures for students in grades PreK-6 will be taken on October 12, 2016. More information will follow.

Competency Based Learning

During the 2016-17 school year you will be hearing a lot about Competency Based Learning. A competency is a global learning statement that encompasses a number of standards. Competencies serve as measurement criteria for assessing what students know, understand, and are able to do. Educators in the Inter-Lakes School District are currently working on documents that detail the competencies for all of our subject areas. Also included in the documents are the standards and learning goals that are included with each competency. Utilizing competencies to shape the learning experience will lead to educational practices that engage students at a higher level.

How do I Check my Child’s Lunch Account

school lunch programLunchTime is now its own application. To check your student’s account balance or to add money to their account, simply click the LunchTime link on the parent resource page, then click the Parent Login button. First, enter the same email address you’ve provided the school for communication purposes, then, enter the password you used to use for MMS. In the event that you’ve forgotten your password, you are now able to reset it yourself using their Forgot Password link. In the event that the account does not recognize you after attempting a reset, contact helpdesk@interlakes.org for assistance.

Composting at I-LES

compostMany of you who have traveled by the south end of the building have asked what is the new building next to the end of the cafeteria? The new building with the green metal roof is a composting shed. Mr. Josh Hill deserves a big round of applause for donating his time and energy to build the composting shed.
Every year millions of pounds of food waste are deposited in landfills and other waste facilities. Composting is a natural process that can significantly reduce food waste. We will be taking vegetable, fruit, and green plant waste generated at the school and mixing it with carbon matter (wood chips) in our new composting facility.

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