First Grade News

grade1We were very busy last month working on research projects about a particular animal. We all picked an animal, gathered facts about that animal using technology and books, and created a poster showing what we learned about our animal’s habitat, food, body, life cycle and babies. We were very excited about sharing our posters with other classes and our families, friends and teachers at our “Research Fair”. Here are some of our thoughts about the project:

“We like the research fair because we got to share with other classes and our families.”
“We got to learn about other animals and teach other people.”
“It was a lot of work – we had to persevere on the writing. We felt proud of ourselves when we looked at all the work we did.”
“We had to decide how we wanted to create our posters – whether we wanted to include a glossary or not or where we wanted to put our facts.”
“We got to learn about what different animals ate and their habitats.”

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