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title1On May 17th, Brian Lies, children’s author and illustrator, will be here at I-LES speaking to students about being an author and an illustrator of children’s books. A lot of the books he has written and illustrated are fiction stories that have bats as the main characters. After vacation, students will start to become familiar with some of his books.
This week you will find an order form for his books attached to the newsletter.

Even though he will not be here until later on in May, we have to pre-order his books. Please fill out the attached order form and send it back to school by May 1st. On the back of the order form, you can read a little information about each book. Some books are offered in paperback (PB) and some are hard covered (HC) books. I will pre-order the books and Brian will autograph them for students. There will be extra books on hand for purchase at the last minute on a first come, first serve basis.
We are looking forward to Brian’s visit. This special event is sponsored by our wonderful PTO and a special thank you goes out to them for funding this. Feel free to check out Brian’s website at www.brianlies.com.

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