Fourth Grade

grade4Spring is here!? As spring is arriving, fourth graders have begun to continue their unit on  Environments and are experimenting with plants.  Our center time is divided between the study of a plant’s range of tolerance and some history of New Hampshire. Four different plant seeds have been planted (indoors) and the students observe the range of tolerance plants have with environmental factors, such as water and salt.

 They will meet with Will Robinson, our quest naturalist, to study how a dandelion's environment affects its growth.  History studies began with studying the Abenaki Indians. The students found out that corn, beans, and squash were planted together.  Bean vines climbed up the corn stalks, and squash provided a ground cover that held the water in the soil. This trio was called the “The Three Sisters” and we will be planting the combination in the greenhouse as soon as the soil warms up. Students will also be experiencing history first hand through the exploration of the “Traveling Trunk” on loan from the Meredith Historical Society. Students will get to try out different tools and items ranging from the 18th and 19th century. Bring on Spring!

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