Third Grade

grade3Students in grade three have been involved in Passion Projects over the last few Friday afternoons. They were given a choice as to what they would like to work on. The choices were: coding, games through the years, crafts, sign language, origami, and knitting. The teachers have really enjoyed working with students on these special projects. Below are some quotes from students about their experiences:
“I enjoy knitting a scarf with Mrs. Greenlaw.” -Maren
“I think knitting is relaxing.” -Keagan

“I liked making a colonial whirlygig.”  -Dan
“I liked making a star out of string.” -Dominic
“I liked building the Lego project.” -Amber
“I liked making an origami crane.” -Landon
“I liked it when we partnered off with a friend and had to guess the word that our partner signed.” -Riley
“I love doing crafts.” -Briley
“The coding is fun with Mrs. DeCamp.” -Grayden
“Knitting is hard.” -Emily
“I liked learning how to sign my name.” -Beckett
“It is fun being with friends when we play games.” -Ryan

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