Second Grade

grade2Welcome back second grade families!
We have a new second grade team this year and Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. McNutt, Mrs. Salamanca, and Mrs. Towle are ready to have a rockin' year with our new group of second graders! Our grade level theme this year for second grade is “Second Grade Rocks!” We have started the year talking about classroom communities and about our hopes and dreams for the year. One of our goals as a grade level this year is to build stamina. The word stamina is new to some of our second graders and will be a word that comes up a lot this year while we work toward becoming independent readers, writers, and learners. Students have already been working hard to try to build stamina when they are reading and writing.

This week second graders will be taking the NWEA reading and math assessment. As teachers, we will use this data, along with other beginning of the year assessments, to guide our teaching in hopes that our learners make great growth throughout the 2017-2018 school year.
If you have any questions throughout the school year, please feel free to contact your child's teacher via email or calling the school. We look forward to a great year!

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