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Clay, Clay and more Clay! In the art room, there is probably no medium more popular than clay. At the beginning of each year, one of my goals is to provide every student with meaningful experiences in clay. However, managing 400+ students working in this beloved medium is the ultimate challenge. It is a difficult and lengthy process which requires careful planning and the logistics can be daunting especially when so many classes are participating in it at one time.

In the end, it is well worth the effort.
Over the past several weeks close to 400 clay pieces were created! Some of them are still in progress. Others were carefully wrapped and taken home over the holiday break. First graders made personalized textured hands and pinch pot bowls, Second graders formed leaf bowls or plates and textured pinch pots, Third grade artists created “Pinch Pot Pets”. These are still in the process of being glazed, refired and will hopefully be on display in a couple of weeks. 6th grade artists have been working on Sarcophagus Time Capsules for several class periods. They, too, are in the process of painting them. In addition to all this creative clay making chaos, some students managed to crank out some original clay ornaments. Clay in the art room is a year long, ongoing process. Three grades are still waiting patiently to get their hands dirty. Kinders, 4th and 5th graders are next in line to delve into clay. A couple of Kindergarten classes actually began their clay exploration this week. Without reservation, they jumped right in and immediately started to play, build, manipulate and create with this wet, sticky substance. What happens to the finished pieces? They are often exhibited here at school for a few weeks before taken home, hopefully, to become treasured artifacts for years to come.

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