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 ILSD Grades 7-12 Discipline Incident Form

From Best to Next


My Learning Plan




Smarter Balance Assessment

New Hampshire Smarter Balanced Assessment Resourceshttp://nh.portal.airast.org

Smarter Balanced FAQ (.pdf)(Revised 9-25-14)

Smarter Balanced FAQ (.pdf) (Issued 1-14-16)

FAQs on Usability, Accessibility and Accommodations Guidelines (Issued 11-5-2014)

S Kelley's Synopsis of Accomodations Guidelines (posted Spring 2015)

Smarter Balanced Practice Test Information (.pdf) (posted Spring 2015)

Smarter Balanced Resources Including Classroom Activities for Performance Tasks (posted Spring 2015)

Estimated Testing Times and Scheduling (posted Spring 2015)

Guide to Smarter Balanced Assessment Results(dated 11-9-15)

Difference Between Practice and Training Tests

ILSD Software Inventory

A website resource of educational software applications 


Chromebooks in the Classroom 

This website is a resource for Inter-Lakes teachers to use to help implement Chromebooks into the classroom, share ideas,  and to support a Classroom in the Cloud.

spiceworksicon-1_smallHELPDESK Request: email 'helpdesk@interlakes.org'


Aesop Substitute and Absence Software Manager

Aesop is the nation's leading automated substitute placement and absence management system, serving more than 4,000 school districts. Aesop will help us increase efficiency across all our substitute placement and absence management processes.

Aesop Login Screen

Employee Training:

Employee Basic Training Video
Employee Advanced Training Video

Substitute Training:

Sub Basic Training Video

Sub Advanced Training Video

Accepting a job over the phone

Teacher Handbook

DRAFT - 2017-2018 Teacher Handbook

Student Handbook

Concussion Protocol

Request for Meeting

SPED Request for Meeting Form

NEASC Report

 Teacher Evaluations

Professional Employee Evaluation Plan

Goal Setting Form - Word

Goal Setting From - PDF

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)




NWEA Resources

NWEA MAP Resource Page

Directions for Running NWEA Teacher Reports



Faculty Forms:

HS Faculty Forms

Filename Size Date
A Microsoft Word file Absence Report.doc 23.5 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Academic-Integrity-Violation-Form.pdf 58.75 KB 2016-06-16
An Adobe Acrobat file Academic Integrity Violation Procedure for Teachers.pdf 41.67 KB 2017-08-28
An Adobe Acrobat file Building Use Request Form.pdf 153.54 KB 2016-06-01
A Microsoft Excel file Cornell Notes Form.xlsx 23.93 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Cover_sheet_and_codes.pdf 10.94 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Field Trip.pdf 307.36 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Field Trip Approval Form.pdf 442.86 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file IL 6153 Field Trip Approval Form.pdf 20.58 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Purchase_Order_Request_Form.pdf 10.34 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Teacher_Evaluation.pdf 310.51 KB 2016-06-01
An Adobe Acrobat file Violation of Academic Integrity Letter.pdf 284.19 KB 2017-10-31



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