Grade 3 News


We can’t believe that this is our final contribution to the newsletter for 2016! What a great year it has been in third grade! There are many activities going on as we end this awesome year. Students are reviewing skills as they prepare to take an end-of-the-year assessment for math.
Some of the skills will include multi-digit adding and subtracting with trading, basic multiplication facts, word problems and fractions.
We are completing our Foss Science studies. Students are building carts and looking at designs.

They have discussed friction, bearings, wheels and axles. Their final challenge is to build a cart that will go the farthest distance using what they have learned. Students had a great time building and racing.
As part of their last math unit, students used technology to make a video about fractions. These videos show what fractions are, how to make fractions and what equivalent fractions are. Students will be sharing these videos with others.
As students work toward their final activities to become Junior Forest Rangers, they have spent some time outdoors observing, journaling and making ABC book entries. Very soon, if their work is completed, they will take their oath to become rangers. June 6th will be the ceremony for those who completed this work.
The grade three teachers wish you all a wonderful summer with family and friends, with time to relax and enjoy our beautiful area and maybe visit a national forest or park!

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