Inter-Lakes School District

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Grade 3 News


“On Monday, we weren't sure of the busy week ahead of us for Read Across America Week, March 16-20.
A woman came in. Her name was Mrs. Hamel. She came to our class to talk about bees and how they are very important. Here is a fact about bees. They all curl up in a ball so their body heat keeps them warm.
Then, two men called Ben and Kyle came in and read us a story about a family that was growing a carrot but it wouldn’t grow so, when little sister found out, she went out and started to sing and dance. The carrot grew and grew and grew.

Then, she pulled it out and ate it.
Co-teach and all the other grades at I-LES did a presentation about the vegetable they were working on and they had to beat Principal Dr. Kelley and we did, just like last year! But, we had to research about them a lot and read about carrots.” By Faith Gianunzio


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