Inter-Lakes School District

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Grade 3 News


On Monday, November 10th, Mrs. Leberman came to the grade three classrooms to begin studies on becoming Junior Forest Rangers.
In the first lesson, students learned about national forests and national parks. They located the White Mountain National Forest on a map of New Hampshire and discussed the different things that can be done in a national forest.

Students learned about managing for clean air and water, a safe place for wildlife, forest products, scenic beauty, minerals, livestock raising, recreation, cultural resources and education. They reviewed different pictures and had to decide if what was in the picture could be done in a national forest. The final task for students was to complete a page in their new Junior Ranger booklet.
Over the next few months, students will continue their Junior Ranger studies. Mrs. Leberman will return twice more in order to discuss hiking safety and to bring in other rangers for students to interview and ask questions about their jobs. We are looking forward to the upcoming visits.


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