Inter-Lakes School District

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Grade 3 News


Written by Annika Lee and Dominic Conforti
Our classes in grade three have been busy for the past month working on research, a Magnetic Board Game Challenge, and Geometry.
Co-teach students are working on a 5-paragraph essay about Russia. Each student made St. Basils Cathedral. Mrs. Lee, a guest teacher, came in to teach us about Russian literature. She read us Russian folk tales and we acted out a story and she baked us Russian treats. Mrs. Beaudoin's class studied and compared the North and South Poles.

In science we had learned a lot about magnets. To test out how much we learned, we got paired into groups to make a game that had to do with magnets. The game board had to be colorful and we needed detailed directions. When we were done, Mrs. Beaudoin's class came in and we went around the classroom playing each other's games.
In math we started learning about rays, lines, and line segments. We are working on using a straight edge. We will be working a few more days on geometry and then will be going back into our focus area of multiplication


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