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Grade 3 News


It is very important that your child learns his/her multiplication facts because it makes solving difficult problems easier, so please continue practicing the multiplication facts from 0-10. Most students already know the 0's, 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. Please start working with the 3's and 4's tables until your child has mastered them and then start working on what is left of the higher facts. There won't be many! 

The following is a list of ways to practice multiplication facts with your child.  
Everyday Math Games: Baseball Multiplication, Factor Bingo, Beat the Calculator & Multiplication Top-It
Fact Triangles
Flash Cards
Make up a song
Multiplication Drills
Write them down
Repeat them in the car

Students just finished studying the Water Cycle. They created a water cycle claymation as their project to show what they know about water movement. 
These projects will be available for you to see at the “Celebration of Learning” night.


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