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Grade 3 News


On Friday, October 16th, the entire third grade went on an exploratory field trip to Geneva Point.  The students did a great job hiking on trails, adopting a tree, and creating leaf animals.  It was a special day of discovery and cooperative learning!  The following are two student recounts of the day.  We look forward to our return trip in the winter!
My Trip to Geneva Point

By: Cecilia Hornkohl
My trip to Geneva Point was awesome. The first group I went with was Mr. Greene’s. He taught us to whistle through an acorn. Isn’t that cool? He also taught us different kinds of trees. My next group was Mrs. Widman’s group. We adopted trees, I adopted a red oak with my friend Cameron. Mrs. Widman gave us a paper. We had to make a bark rubbing on our paper. Then we made a leaf rubbing in our science journals. My last group was with Mrs. Beaudoin. We made leaf creatures. I saw creatures like stingrays, chicks, foxes, owls and mice. This was the best trip!
Our Hike
By: Alec Adorno
We went to Geneva Point a couple of weeks ago. We went into the woods for a walk with Mr. Greene. When we went in there, we saw different types of trees. We saw birch, beech, white oak, red oak, and maple. We saw moss. There was a bunch of leaves on the ground. We also saw a lot of ferns. Mr. Greene told us a lot about plants. He is an expert. I had a lot of fun there. I want to go there again.


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