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Grade 3 News


Students in Ms. Pelczar's class have been learning about the water cycle. Miss Perry from PSU is working in our class and did an end of the unit review and a mobile project with them. When asked what they learned or liked about this lesson, this is what they had to say.....

  • “When you put water onto a hot plate, the water evaporates.” … Joey
  • “When water goes into the clouds and gets too heavy, it rains, snows, sleets or hails. This is called precipitation.” … Gianna
  • “I liked making the water cycle mobile.” … Hannah
  • “The purpose of using the hot plate was to heat the water and make it turn into water vapor.” … Gabe
  • “Water evaporates and goes up and forms clouds. This is called condensation.” … Jack

Their beautiful water cycle mobiles are hanging in our classroom.


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