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Grade 2 career day with Donovan Tree Experts!  


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grade4Fourth grade has had a busy October and November! October ended with some wonderful team building STEAM challenges! Using the generous mini pumpkin donation from Moulton Farm, students worked
together to solve a problem. Mrs. Miller and Mr. McCann’s classes had to build a catapult that projected the object the furthest. This took teamwork and planning!

Kindergarten students had a wonderful time on our field trip to Moulton Farm. Students followed an aerial map to navigate through the corn maze on the farm. Students used their senses to observe signs of fall and their observational skills to find various items on a scavenger hunt. Each student was given a mini pumpkin that they later observed, wrote about, and painted. Thanks to Moulton Farm and our chaperones for a super experience!

grade1We had a visit from Kate Banyas who is our Naturalist in the Classroom from Prescott Farm on October 26th. She brought several types of flowering plants - sunflowers, dahlias, and snapdragons - which the students were able to dissect. Using a variety of instruments like scissors, tweezers and magnifying glasses, we cut apart the flowers and sorted them into 6 different categories – petals, buds, seeds, leaves, stems and roots. We also found some little critters in our plants – snail, worms and spiders - which Ms. Banyas took back to the farm with her. It was really cool to see all the different parts of the flowers. We are looking forward to her next visit this week to learn more about composting.

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