"Home of the Blue Wave" where our school motto is DYB (Do Your Best!) 


The Squam Lakes Science center brought their annual Hawkwatch presentation and hawk watching to 4th grade! 

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grade2Welcome back second grade families!
We have a new second grade team this year and Mrs. Connolly, Mrs. McNutt, Mrs. Salamanca, and Mrs. Towle are ready to have a rockin' year with our new group of second graders! Our grade level theme this year for second grade is “Second Grade Rocks!” We have started the year talking about classroom communities and about our hopes and dreams for the year. One of our goals as a grade level this year is to build stamina. The word stamina is new to some of our second graders and will be a word that comes up a lot this year while we work toward becoming independent readers, writers, and learners. Students have already been working hard to try to build stamina when they are reading and writing.

cabbagesDid you get a chance to check out the HUGE cabbages growing inside the greenhouse since last spring?  These were planted by last year’s third grades. There was some friendly competition going on to see which class could grow the largest cabbage.  The winners are....the students from MS. CURRIER’S class!  Their cabbage weighed a whopping 19.75 pounds!! 

compostThe first graders from Mrs. Salamanca’s class were the lucky students to be able to use our first batch of finished compost!  Mrs. Salamanca had shared the book, Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, and had been discussing ways to make the world more beautiful.  Like Miss Rumphius, they decided to spread Lupine seeds, and, thanks to Mrs. Chappuis who brought in seeds and three small plants, were able to do just that.  The students first visited the compost shed where they saw fresh compost scraps from the kitchen, lunchroom and classrooms.  Then they saw the other side of the shed that had a pile of old compost. 

grade1We were very busy last month working on research projects about a particular animal. We all picked an animal, gathered facts about that animal using technology and books, and created a poster showing what we learned about our animal’s habitat, food, body, life cycle and babies. We were very excited about sharing our posters with other classes and our families, friends and teachers at our “Research Fair”. Here are some of our thoughts about the project:

grade3Students in grade three have been involved in Passion Projects over the last few Friday afternoons. They were given a choice as to what they would like to work on. The choices were: coding, games through the years, crafts, sign language, origami, and knitting. The teachers have really enjoyed working with students on these special projects. Below are some quotes from students about their experiences:
“I enjoy knitting a scarf with Mrs. Greenlaw.” -Maren
“I think knitting is relaxing.” -Keagan

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