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Email: All ILSD staff email addresses end in

Phone: Call 279-5312 for our "direct to voicemail" service. Extensions are listed below.

Web: Hyperlinked names will take you to the web page for that staff member


Name Email Extension
Michael Bryant, Principal michael.bryant 3501
Stephanie Howard, Asst. Principal stephanie.howard 3502
Deb Doten, Administrative Assistant deb.doten 3503
Teresa McCormack, Nurse teresa.mccormack 3510
Alesia Parks, Title I Coordinator alesia.parks 3152


Name Email Extension
Ashley Shuffleton, PK-4 Guidance Counselor ashley.shuffleton 3520
Kate Clark, Grade 4-6 Guidance Counselor kate.clark 3120


Name Email Extension
Ronda Young ronda.young 3101


Name Email Extension
Demetra Daly demetra.daly 3102
Erin Geib erin.geib 3104
Kelly Bunnell kelly.bunnell 3105
Katie Earl katie.earl 3103

Grade 1

Name Email Extension
Donna Oliver donna.oliver 3107
Kim Bannon kim.bannon 3113
Beckie Dowd beckie.dowd 3106
Heather Hoag heather.hoag 3112

Grade 2

Name Email Extension
Jennifer Salamanca jennifer.salamanca  3122
Erin Towle erin.towle 3121

Grade 2 Learning Studio

Name Email Extension
Morgan Markley kim.bannon 3145
Jessica Connolly morgan.markley 3144

Grade 3

Name Email Extension
Ginger Donaldson virginia.donaldson 3127
Dawne McNutt dawne.mcnutt 3126
Amy LaFavre amy.lafavre  

Grade 4

Name Email Extension
Wanda Miller wanda.miller 3130
Laurie Damon laurie.damon 3133
Scott McCann scott.mccann 3131

Grade 3/4 Learning Studio

Name Email Extension
Mary Beaudoin mary.beaudoin 3129

Grade 5

5th Grade Team Website

Name Email Extension
Daniel Reidy daniel.reidy 3138
Tricia Parsons patricia.parsons 3136
 Karolbeth Glover  karolbeth.glover 3586

Grade 6

Name Email Extension
Megan Hayman meg.hayman 3142
Margaret Healey margaret.healey 3140
Michael Moore michael.moore 3143
Dan Gilbert daniel.gilbert 3585

Grade 5/6 Learning Studio

Name Email Extension
Juli Hird juli.hird 3137
Angela Marsh angela.marsh 3139

Specials & Supports

Name Email Extension
Nancy Bickford, PE nancy.bickford 3271
Judi Bird, World Cultures judi.bird 3108
Andrea Caulder andrea.caulder 3161
Kathleen DeCamp, Technology Integration kathleen.decamp 3123
Brendan Dowd, Music brendan.dowd 3109
Emily Hebron, OT emily.hebron 3117
Lisa Hibbert, Speech lisa.hibbert 3118
Tom Robbins  tom.robbins 3110
Maura King, ESOL maura.king 3220
Natalie Lyons, Life Skills natalie.lyons 3135
Sheri MacMillan, Art sheri.macmillan 3128
Mary Mailand, Speech mary.mailand 3124
JP Swift, PE jp.swift 3171


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