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I-LES Band and Chorus Winter Concert:

Thursday, December 15th 1:45 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. in the gymnasiumRelated image

Preschool News

preschoolGingerbread people usually take over the preschool class this time of year! Our activities have included assembling gingerbread people puzzles and button number books, creating gingerbread playdough people, making one side of a gingerbread person the same as the other, illustrating and painting gingerbread people and houses, and comparing many different versions of the story of the gingerbread man, baby, girl, mouse, pirate and bear. The students will soon be making many holiday gifts for their family members.

Physical Education News

physedThere is a lot of activity happening in the gym these days. Kindergarten through grade 2 students are working on playing bowling tag and a variety of activities using the parachute. These activities include making waves, making a mountain and trying to get the chickens stuck up on the ceiling. Ask your child what happens if the chicken gets stuck!
Students in grades 3 and 4 are starting a unit on basketball. Skills to be covered include passing, dribbling and shooting.

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Living Classroom News


Although the weather outside is getting colder every day, the temperature in the Living Classroom is still quite nice. On a sunny winter day, temperatures can get above 70 degrees! And that means things are still growing! Mrs. Bannon's class enjoyed some delicious sugar snap peas that they grew, and Mrs. Salamanca's class is carefully watching some amethyst beans grow.

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Art News


“A line is a dot that went for a walk” was acclaimed, modern artist, Paul Klee’s, view on drawing. His artwork, with its simple lines, geometric shapes and bright colors, is often described as whimsical. I-LES students explored the element of line with a fresh and free perspective. It is no wonder that Paul Klee found his greatest inspiration in the art of children.

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December Personal Competency: Cooperation

cooperationCooperation is our personal competency focus for the month of December at I-LES.
Cooperation, when achieved, enables students to set aside their differences and work together for a common goal, a vital skill needed in order to work positively and respectfully with others now and in the future as adults. Below are some resources for parents who wish to engage in conversations at home on this valuable, but often overlooked, personal work habit.

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Computer Science Week

codeDecember 5th through December 11th is Computer Science Week! Kindergarten through grade 6 students at Inter-Lakes will be celebrating by taking part in the “Hour of Code”. The Hour of Code is a global movement to help introduce more students to computer science and computer programming.

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Reminder for Students Bringing Lunch From Home

Parents/Guardians: Please refrain from packing a lunch for your child that requires cooking or reheating. There is no microwave in the cafeteria and there is not enough time during our lunches to cook food for students. Thank you! - Mrs. Wrath

Instant Alert Program

With winter “just around the corner,” if you have never logged into Instant Alert and set up your account with your own personal preferences, we strongly urge you to do so ASAP. If you currently have an account set up, please log in and check your contact information as this information is NOT updated or changed by the school from year to year.

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