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Individual Goal-Setting Form




Technology Integration Unit Planning

Best Practices in Technology Integration

Developing Open Response Questions for the Classroom
         Hand-out from the faculty meeting

Open Response Question Bank

Open Response Item Development Form



   PK-4 Vocabulary Template 5-12 Vocabulary Template


Answers to essential questions cannot be copied and pasted from the Internet.

Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-based Learning

Asking the Essential Question -
geared toward students, this is a good, simple explanation of an essential question.

Question Brainstormer
Question Brainstormer with examples


Check out these POWER WORDS!!!!!!
Your students should know these words!!!!!


Middle Tier Theater Company


Test Taking Strategies
for teachers to share with students!



Differentiated Instruction Resources

Differentiated Instruction
Power Point Slides

This is a large file

Student Self Reflection

Getting to Know You



Differentiated Instruction PowerPoint Slides reorganized by Ms. Kennelly

Differentiated Instruction Toolkit

Tiered Lesson Guide

Tiered Assignment (example)

Differentiated Instruction Web sites

All Kinds of Minds

Enhancing Learning with Technology

Universal Design for Learning

Teacher Goals Inventory





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