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Administration and Guidance

Ms. Jennifer Wrath - PK-4 Principal - email: jen.wrath@interlakes.org
Ms. Barbara Pope - PK-6 Assistant Principal - email: barbara.pope@interlakes.org
Mrs. Ashley Shuffleton - PK-4 Guidance Counselor - email: ashley.shuffleton@interlakes.org 
Sandy Spiro - 5-6 Guidance Counselor - email: sandy.spiro@interlakes.org

Telephone: 279-7968
Fax: 279-6344

Ms Teresa McCormack - School Nurse - webpage: ILES Health Office

*A full district staff directory is located in the menu above.

Teacher Web Pages


Ronda Young email: ronda.young@interlakes.org
Cailtin Henchey email: caitlin.henchey@interlakes.org


Demetra Daly email: demetra.daly@interlakes.org
Erin Geib email: erin.geib@interlakes.org
Kelly Bunnell email: kelly.bunnell@interlakes.org
Katie Earl email: katie.earl@interlakes.org

First Grade

Donna Oliver email: donna.oliver@interlakes.org
Kim Bannon email: kim.bannon@interlakes.org
Beckie Dowd email: beckie.dowd@interlakes.org
Heather Hoag email: heather.hoag@interlakes.org

Second Grade

Jessica Connolly email: jessica.connolly@interlakes.org
Jennifer Salamanca email: jennifer.salamanca@interlakes.org
Erin Towle email: erin.towle@interlakes.org

Third Grade

Ginger Donaldson email: virginia.donaldson@interlakes.org
Mary Beaudoin email: mary.beaudoin@interlakes.org
Dawne McNutt email: dawne.mcnutt@interlakes.org
Wanda Miller email: wanda.miller@interlakes.org

Fourth Grade

Laurie Damon email: laurie.damon@interlakes.org
Stephanie Howard email: stephanie.howard@interlakes.org
Scott McCann email: scott.mccann@interlakes.org

5/6 Learning Studio

Juli Hird and Melissa LaPan

Grade 5

5th Grade Team Website

Patty Browher email: patty.browher@nterlakes.org
Daniel Reidy email: daniel.reidy@interlakes.org 
Tricia Parsons email: patricia.parsons@interlakes.org

Paula Sullivan  email: paula.sullivan@interlakes.org

Grade 6

Megan Hayman email: meg.hayman@interlakes.org
Margaret Healey email: margaret.healey@interlakes.org
Michael Moore email: michael.moore@interlakes.org


Sheri MacMillan - Art
Mona Hoefs - Band
JP Swift and Nancy Bickford  and Nancy Bickford - Physical Education
Kathleen DeCamp - Technology Integration Teacher
Chris Gonzalez - Spanish

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